• Jennifer Rusz

STRATEGIC INSIGHTS RADIO: The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Small Business

On this episode of “Strategic Insights Radio”, host Jennifer Rusz discusses how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses of all sizes, and what business owners should do to survive.

Jennifer Rusz/Sterling Rose Consulting Corp

Jennifer Rusz has a long career working for both corporations and as an entrepreneur. Rusz began her career, in the 90’s in market intelligence, business operations and management for companies such as Mid America Research/Fact in Focus, Lucent Technologies, Kyocera Wireless, ARS/ Current Analysis and Websense Software Solutions before starting her first company in 2004. She has since been a business consultant and now Founder and CEO of Sterling Rose Consulting Corp. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp is an award-winning full service business consulting firm with three divisions, which include business consulting, marketing consulting and strategic technology consulting. For more information about Jennifer Rusz or Sterling Rose Consulting Corp, visit or call (470) 202-8659.

About “Strategic Insights Radio”:

“Strategic Insights Radio” is intended to be an interactive radio show hosted by Sterling Rose Consulting Corp. Listeners can Tweet their questions for a live response on the radio to @sterling_rose1 or via @strategicradio. Also, suggestions on business topics that listeners would like to learn more about are welcome. Please send suggestions to

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