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Sterling Rose Consulting Corp Announces New Internal Operations Manager

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp Names New Internal Operations Manager Cody Powell

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (March 2020) Sterling Rose Consulting Corp announced Cody Powell as Internal Operations Manager of the company devoted to launching, growing, and scaling businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Powell, a former Manager, has a track record of success, helping to take companies to the next level through Strategic Planning and analyzing the business procedures, processes, instituting process improvement strategies, and tactics to help sustain growth within the organization.

“In the time I have known Mr. Powell, he has shown to be dedicated, thorough, and determined to make a difference in both the company and the community as a whole. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp has an opportunity to influence the adaptive business communities and is thrilled to have Mr. Powell help to lead the company in this exciting stage of growth,” Jennifer Rusz, CEO of Sterling Rose Consulting Corp said. “I am extremely excited and humbled to welcome Mr. Powell to the Sterling Rose Consulting Corp team and look forward to seeing the Company reach the next step in its evolution of growth.”

Powell’s hiring comes as the company implements a plan of strategic growth in new branding, development, and outreach, building on the successes of another groundbreaking year that saw new partnerships and the expansion of a new service offering, payment, and merchant services.

“I am honored to become one of the management team members of Sterling Rose Consulting Corp. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp has offered me an opportunity to help not just their company grow, but also all of their many clients across the world. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp is poised to develop its vision and build on the tremendous momentum of the past six years. Becoming an integral part of the effort to bring the company to the next level and making a positive difference for even more businesses across the world has been a lifelong dream of mine,” Powell said.

About Sterling Rose Consulting Corp

Sterling Rose Consulting Corp is an award-winning full-service business, marketing, and technology consulting firm. The company has four full divisions, which include business consulting, marketing, technology, and merchant services. Within the first division, business consulting, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp provides business plan creation and review, operations, management consulting, accounting, feasibility studies, immigration visa business pans, corporate expansion, due diligence, and succession planning. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp is an agency so that it can provide media relations, public relations, investor relations as well as brand books, logo design, website design, and all social and viral marketing as well as print and airwaves. Within the Technology division, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp provides custom CRM and ERP systems, including customization and implementation of both Salesforce and Zoho CRM. The very last division is Merchant Services, in which the company provides various solutions for credit card, ACH, and debit processing solutions

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