Marketing Plans

What is a marketing plan? Why is a marketing plan important? What does a marketing plan include?

  • A Marketing Plan is the first step to a highly effective marketing and branding strategy. In the simplest terms, it allows you to see where your business is right now, where you want it to be, and how you are going to get there. The purpose of creating a marketing plan is to clearly show what steps will be undertaken to achieve your marketing objectives. We help you determine who your target market is, how to engage that market, what your point of differences are, and what custom strategy you should use to achieve success. As part of the process of creating your marketing plan, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp undertakes a discovery meeting with key personnel. We analyze your competition, research your industry and develop a 12-month series of practical steps, both strategic and tactical in nature, to help your business be successful.

Why do you need a marketing plan?

  • Many businesses make the mistake of approaching their marketing on a trial and error basis. Like most things in business, to get results you need a strategic approach and a consistent effort. Planning out your marketing process  will help you focus on practical strategies which actually get results. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp’s team of experts can help narrow down marketing solutions that are tailored to your specific business and industry rather than wasting time with generic marketing schemes or vague strategies. Breaking down your marketing plan into month-by-month stages means you can keep track of your progress and keep the momentum going. As an added bonus, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp also gives clients 6 hours of marketing consultation to assist with implementation.

Marketing Implementation

  • Many of Sterling Rose Consulting Corp’s clients rely on us to implement their marketing plan through our Marketing Consultant Packages. This frees the client up to manage the business while Sterling Rose Consulting Corp ensures the plan is executed efficiently and effectively. Sterling Rose Consulting Corp does not just provide online marketing services, but the full gamut from traditional marketing (radio, television, sponsorship, direct mail), online marketing (SEO, SMM, CPC, social media marketing, viral marketing, etc), public relations, investor relations, event coordination and planning, conference planning and consulting, and media relations.